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Malik Boyd

The People Movement

Malik Boyd

Join Heart of the City host Malik Boyd with Tracy Jackson, Amy Edelstein, Alyson Showell-LaPorta, Nicole Bartlett, and Taj Murdock.

In Studio Guests

Tracy “Uncleizzo” Jackson
Owner/ Operator
Trajava LLC

Amy Edelstein
Founder & Executive Director
Inner Strength Foundation

Alyson Showell-LaPorta
Associate Director
Inner Strength Foundation

Taj Murdock
The Empowerment Achievement Movement (T.E.A.M.)

Nicole Bartlett
Nicole M. Bartlett Funeral Home & Cremations, INC.

Call In Guests

‚ÄčRachael Hanible
Author, Mentor, Finance Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Creator of P.E.P. Talks
Prepare, Empower, Push (PEP Talks)

Prayer for the City

Pastor Hezikiah Lampley
Morning Star Church of God

Song of the Week

Love Riddim