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Back to Business


Taped live as we broadcast on-air WWDB 860AM (Philadelphia), this episode breaks down the impact of the country getting back to business, more specifically the African American community.

– What does it mean for us to get back to business?
– Are we prepared to return to normal? Is there a normal for our community?
– What are all the facets of our “business” as it relates to a post-COVID-19 reality?

Studio Guests:


Minister Jovan Diggs
Youth, Minister, True Vine Baptist Church

Skye Delon Simpson
Artist, 5th grade Scholar, Global Leadership Academy West, Philadelphia, Pa

Darian Austin
Thorn Barber and Beauty Salon

Tracey Calhoun-Goins
Owner & Operator, Miracles Hair Salon

Terquin Mott
Mentor, Investor, Professional Basketball Player


Black History Fact

John Mercer Langston

First black man to represent Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Source: House.gov

Song of the Week:


Stevie Wonder