The Show

The Heart of The City Radio

Hosted by Malik Boyd, The Heart of the City Radio Show reaches deep into the African American community, celebrating our heritage, successes, and addressing the challenges we face head on. Broadcast weekly, guests are invited on the show with one mission in mind: to dissect the issues and define solutions with an unapologetically honest approach.

Show Guide

The Heart of the City always starts with a prayer for the city of Philadelphia. This prayer is usually offered by a local religous leader, in studio or via phone in.

Monitor the country’s heartbeat with a metaphoric electrocardiogram. Malik and that week’s panel of guests will discuss national current events and identify any irregularities in America’s heartbeat.


Vibe to the thoughtfully relevant song of the week chosen by the host himself, to add the the emotion of the episodes theme.

Each week we have a carefully selected panel of guests, all of which have an impact on society in one way or another. Sometimes we have artists, musicians, teachers, state representatives and the like. During this segment you get a chance to know who they are, what they have done, plan to do, and how you can be a part of it.